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Category: Electronic engineering

Macif & Bureau Vallée : Park of LiFePo4 batteries

Designing A park of LiFePo4 batteries Design of the LiFe Po4 (lithium) batteries system on the basis of the Dk Innovation BMS (Battery Management System). 1. Work done Electronic design (scheme, routing) Embedded software development Mechanical design 2. Technologies Active balancing Energy-saving electronics Bus CAN Softwares (C# & iOS) 12V 100Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate battery…
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Carbon monoxide Detector

Carbon Monoxide detector

Designing An energy-saving Carbon Monoxide detector Design of a very energy-saving Carbon monoxide detector (10 years of autonomy on a battery). 1. Work done Electronic design (schemes, routing) Development of embedded softwares Mechanical adaptation Software documentation 2. Technologies Energy-saving system Sound and visual indication Passage of the certification

Lithium Battery Management System & Charger

Designing Battery Management System (BMS) Design of a BMS (Battery Management System) : charger, balancing, and limitation of the currents of load and discharge. The system is integrated into suitcases of air bleed in requiring environment, and on construction sites in particular. We have provided manufacturing and systems support. 1. Work done Electronic design (schemes,…
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FlyBoard : Electronic control system

Design, manufacturing and integration of the electronic system Design of the FlyBoard electronic control system, and electronic system integration. 1. Work done Electronic design (schemes, routing) Development of  embedded softwares Mecanichal integration 2. Technologies Power line Sealing Resistance to the environment in compartments of marine engines

Charger by induction 300W

Design of An inductive charging system For a Research and Development center, DK innovation had the opportunity to design a system of load by induction for electric wheelchair. We also realized in association with the teams of the center, the inductors and associated mechanics. 1. Work done Electronic design (scheme, routing) Embedded software development Mechanical…
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Robotics: embedded electronic systems

Designing Electronics systems for piping inspection robots For a water pipeline renovation company , we designed the architecture and the embedded systems for control-rooms (inside the trucks of intervention)  and for the robots of inspection. DK Innovation also provides manufacturing and technical support for these electronic systems. These robots are currently in service in France, the…
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