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Engineering office in Electronics, mechanics & softwares

Engineering consulting services

Electronics, mechanics and software design

For more than 10 years, the engineering consulting firm in mechatronics DK Innovation participates in the performance of any sizes companies .

We put our know-how in your service to design and make your electronic boards and systems, as well as their embedded softwares. We also design the mechanical sets into which your systems will be integrated.

Electronic design

Card and electronic systems design

Experts in electronic engineering, we ensure the research and development of innovations in order to improve or develop the electronics of your innovative products.

Indeed, through the design and realization of electronic systems on printed circuits, the design office applies your concrete ideas by working on one or more very precise components.

Thus, DK Innovation intervenes at all stages of the electronic design of your cards and systems:

  • Study of context and feasibility
  • Study of the functions and the selection of relevant compnents
  • Electronic design :
  • Power electronics
  • Digital / analog electronics
  • Low consumption electronics
  • Robotics / Cobotics
  • BMS ( Battery Management System )
  • Wired & Wireless Communication
  • Sensors’ conditioning
  • Human Machine Interface (HMI)
  • Engines with direct current and brushless (BLDC)
  • WiFi / Bluetooth BLE / Bus CAN
  • Schema input & Routing
  • Drawing of the outline of card from the mechanics
  • Realization and development of prototypes

Mechanics design

From the design to the manufacturing of the sets

The printed circuits that make up the electronic cards must be adapted to the mechanical constraints of the system they equip. Thus, the DK Innovation research department develops the mechanics of your innovative products while ensuring compliance with the technical and financial constraints of your projects.

In addition, our experts will assist you with the machining and integration of your cards and electronic systems in their mechanical assemblies.

  • Design and manufacturing of front faces
  • Design of workpieces and sets in sheet metal workshop
  • Command desks
  • Custom-made cases
  • Specific needs
  • Robotics / Cobotics
  • Studies of the integration of cards in their boxes
  • Mechanical assemblies
  • Sensors’ integration
  • Electric cupboards
  • 3D printing in ABS
  • Manufacturings: cutting and turning

Software design

Creation of algorithms and systems programming

A majority of the current electronic boards contain programmable components, which include autonomous electronic and computer systems, often in real time, and specialized in a specific task.

Your design office develops and programs the algorithms of your electronic systems.

  • Programming of on-boards softwares (C and Assembler)
  • Calculations and subjections on-board on microcontrollers
  • Programming and development of applications PC, iOS, Android …
  • Remote control applications