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Lithium Battery Management System & Charger

Lithium Battery Management System & Charger


Battery Management System (BMS)

Design of a BMS (Battery Management System) : charger, balancing, and limitation of the currents of load and discharge. The system is integrated into suitcases of air bleed in requiring environment, and on construction sites in particular. We have provided manufacturing and systems support.

1. Work done

  • Electronic design (schemes, routing)
  • Development of embedded softwares
  • BMS manufacturing
  • Support and after sales service

2. Technologies

  • Subjection and limitation of load and discharge currents of load
  • Passive balancing of cells
  • Safety : Short-circuit, overload, sub-load
  • Energy-saving sound sleep (< 13µA)
Batterie Lithium
12V 100Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate battery - DK Innovation


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