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Battery Management System (BMS)

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Battery Management System (BMS)

Lithium batteries management system
cell card- battery management system - BMS
BMS - Cell Card
BMS - Management card


The Battery Management System (BMS) is an electronic control system essential for the proper functioning of the lithium battery which it manages and ensures.

DK Innovation has developed a modular and comprehensive electronic system, adaptable to almost all types of lithium batteries, in order to secure the installations and prolong the life of the batteries.

Lithium battery
Lithium battery 12V 100Ah

Our Battery Management System (BMS) is able to optimize the capacity of the lithium battery and prevent undervoltage and power surges.

It has the active balancing feature, which recharges the weakest cell from the voltage across a single pack.

In a 12V to 48V lithium battery pack, the Battery Management System (BMS) will :

Timelapse of the assembly of a Lithium battery pack custom designed at DK Innovation. This pack is intended for the energy supply of a pleasure boat.


Custom made Lithium battery & management system

Whether for a private, industrial or medical application, we design and manufacture your Lithium battery packs as well as their energy management systems. do not hesitate to contact our team to obtain a technical proposal.