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BLDC Driver – 12/48V 30A

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BLDC Driver - 12/48V 30A

Engine control


The BLDC driver DK Innovation enables the control of a brushless DC motor.

It has been tested on the MACIF Tri­maran which used it on the steering of the pilot cylinder. The brushless technology has an advantage over the life compared to brush motors. Brush motors have a mechanical wear associated with the coals that make the electrical contact.

The DK Innovation driver can be controlled in 2 ways, either by the CAN BUS or by a PWM command. In this way it can easily replace a brush motor in an installation. Its dimensioning allows the supply of motors up to 1.5KW.

The brushless controller recovers the motor control at the output of the dri­ver computer to drive the brushless motor seamlessly, no modification of the driver is necessary. It works in both directions and the speed is also proportional.


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