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CAN Display 2.4 – USB / WiFi

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CAN Display

CAN Display 2.4 - USB / WiFi

Battery management


The CAN display is part of the DK Innovation energy management eco­system.

It allows to display the information related to the lithium batteries, charge switch, regulator of alternator or other sys­tems present on the CAN network …

This device allows a monitoring of the batterie’s and cells voltages which compose them, as well as the state of balance in total autonomy, without requiring neither PC nor smartphone or tablet.

The BMS display is also a USB and WiFi gateway to a computer equip­ped with monitoring software or an iPhone / iPad iOS (application avai­lable for free).

The BMS display turns your battery pack into a connected object and makes remote monitoring of battery pack and other DK Innovation energy management systems possible.

Connected as a server on its own WiFi network or as a client on an ADSL / 4G box, the PC software allows remote monitoring « off site » of your installations.


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