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Lithium batteries – LiFe Po4

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Lithium battery (LiFe Po4)

On-board energy

Lithium Iron Phosphate DK Innovation batteries are equipped with a very powerful active management system (BMS: Battery Managment System) developed on electric vehicles and proven in the offshore race : Trimaran MACIF, Imoca Bureau Vallée on the Vendée Globe 2016/2017

The energy density of lithium is predestined for embedded applications where the weight is sensitive (130Wh / kg lithium compared to 35Wh / kg lead).

The charging current is maximum over the entire range, up to 180A for a 180Ah (1C) battery, which reduces the waste when charging from an engine or a generator.

The efficiency of the battery is greater than 90%, its self-discharge is less than 1% per month (against 3-20% for lead). And the investment in the purchase is quickly amortized, 2000 to 5000 cycles to 80% of discharge, against less than 300 for lead to 50%.

We have also developed a whole range of complementary products for on-board energy management (controller, LCD display, PC interface …).

Custom made Lithium battery & management system

Whether for a private, industrial or medical application, we design and manufacture your Lithium battery packs as well as their energy management systems. do not hesitate to contact our team to obtain a technical proposal.


After-sales service & Maintenance

As part of our quality and customer satisfaction, we provide after sales service and maintenance of the products we sell. You want to make a return ? Do you have any problem with any of our products ? Please do not hesitate, contact our team.