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// Areas of activity

Examples of project by area of activity

    • Electronic and mechanical design of robots
    • Robot control
      On-board energy management
    • Inspection and work robot for water pipes

  • Electronic design of motor control

  • Design of brushless controllers from our DKI brand. The brushless motor controller is designed to fit between the control system for a traditional DC motor and the brushless motor. The brushless controller uses the original brush motor controller to drive the brushless motor seamlessly, no modification of the original system is required. It works in both directions and the speed is also proportional. The system can also work directly in CAN bus.  This type of device can be used in several applications

  • Design of a motor soft start system.

  • Design of a motor servo system on mobile devices

  • Design of an electronic/mechanical system to motorize large format mirrors

  • Design of custom BMS (Battery Management System)
  • Design of a CAN BUS isolator of our brand DKI with configurable communication speeds
  • Design of safety modules
  • Design of the electronic control system of the FlyBoard.
  • Electronic design of man overboard device
  • Electronic design of a wheelchair and its recharge by induction
  • Embedded energy medical stretcher
  • Brushless gyropod control
  • Electronic design of an electric wheelchair
  • Development of the wheel assistance of an electric stretcher (push and brake control), BMS and energy management.
  • Design of inductive charging of medical and paramedical equipment
  • Electronic design of a stethoscopee
  • Electronic and mechanical design for communication equipment
  • Embedded energy
  • Design of a NMEA Minilogger to record a large amount of navigation data
  • Design of a WiFi – NMEA Multiplexer
  • Design of a GNSS station
  • Design of the electronics of an osmosis plant
  • Electronic design of a man overboard device
  • Electronic design of a FlyBoard control system
  • Development of lithium batteries (LiFePo4)
  • Induction cooktop design
  • Realization of an electronarcosis system for animal anesthesia
  • Design of a lighting and ventilation control system for plantations
  • Electronic design of a device for drying and evacuation of droppings
  • Design of a very low consumption carbon monoxide detector

  • DKI brand actuator equipped with a brushless motor: DK Innovation has developed a hydraulic actuator demonstrator equipped with a brushless motor. This is a real technological evolution compared to the use of universal motors.  It allows the actuator to be used with greater torque and speed under load. The tests have allowed us to quantify the gains in reactivity of this technology.

  • Electronic design of air handling units

  • Electronic disinfection system for shopping carts

  • Motorization of wheels and casters: electronic and mechanical design

  • Electronic and mechanical design of robots

  • Design of various electrical cabinets/electronic controls

  • Design of custom LiFePo4 lithium battery
  • Development of a measurement and sensor device for the nuclear industry
  • Design of an induction charging system for a wheelchair
  • Design of cell parameter acquisition cards