Software design: algorithm and programming of electronic systems

Our engineering department is responsible for the design of software and the programming of electronic systems. Our engineers, experts in electronics, mechatronics and computer science, use programmable components such as microprocessors and microcontrollers.  These embed autonomous electronic and computer systems, often in real time, and specialized in a specific task.

afficheur can doté d'un logiciel embarqué
système électronique sur lequel est installé un logiciel embarqué

Following the design of the hardware part, and insofar as a majority of these electronic boards contain programmable components, our research department takes care of the software design and programs the algorithms of your electronic systems.

The programming of the embedded software is mainly done in C/C++, Python. We also develop the Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) with different possible interfaces (PC, smartphone or tablet application) for the automatons we design. We manage the design of the integrated interfaces. We develop and program applications on Windows, iOS, Android. 

We have a real know-how and a significant experience in many fields among which :

Development of different communication protocols/buses (CAN, CAN Open, Ethernet, NMEA 2000...)

Driver development

Video, audio and radio signal processing ...

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