// mechanical design

From mechanical design to machining of the assemblies

The printed circuits that make up electronic boards must adapt to the mechanical constraints of the system they equip. Thus, the DK Innovation design office develops the mechanics of your innovative products while ensuring that the technical and financial constraints of your projects are respected. We also intervene in mechatronics so that the mechanical and electronic studies are combined. The goal is to optimize the manufacturing process and to have control over the quality, the production time but also to control the cost.

In addition, our technicians and engineers come from various backgrounds, so they have a strong expertise and many complementary skills to complete your mechanical and electronic projects.

Mechanical parts designed and manufactured

We intervene at several stages of your project and all the stages are carried out in-house directly in our workshops: 

Preliminary Project: feasibility study, drafting of specifications

Project study: CAD, manufacturing drawings, 3D, manufacturing cost estimate, choice of materials and suppliers

Manufacturing: prototype manufacturing (3D printing, in-house mechanical machining, assembly and testing, fine-tuning until delivery of the finished marketable product

Our mechanical design work

Command desks
Custom-made cases
Specific needs
Robotics / Cobotics
// mechanics design

Various services

Studies of the integration of the cards in their housings</br></br>
Studies of the integration of the cards in their housings

Mechanical precision: turning and milling</br></br>
Mechanical precision: turning and milling

3D printing filaments and resin</br>
3D printing filaments and resin

Mechanical assemblies</br></br>
Mechanical assemblies

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