// Industrialization

From prototype to mass production

The industrialization phase allows us to move from the prototype electronic board to the final product. DK Innovation prepares the industrialization phase at the same time as the design phase in order to reduce costs and iterations.

We are also able to industrialize prototypes that are already operational.

Optimization of production costs

Production tools for manufacturing

Realization of the technical specification file

Transition from the prototype to mass production

Climatic chamber aging tests (ervice life, guarantee)

// electronic production

Production of your electronic cards

Fabrication of cards in CMS and through technology

Programming of components

Manufacturing of cases and electric cabinets

Assembly and test

// mechanics production

Linking electronics and mechanics

DK Innovation is equipped with new complementary conventional and numerical control tools. This allows us to meet your needs in their entirety.

Our production workshop is specialized in machining, turning and milling and can design and manufacture parts or mechanical assemblies by the unit for prototyping or in small, medium and large series.

“Within the framework of a global project, DK Innovation will be able to integrate the electronics into the mechanics designed on our premises, thus limiting iterations and optimizing production times.”

// Prototypage 3D

Validate your concept before launching a production

DK Innovation offers you 3D printing of your 3D CAD models in ABS Plus, a material that is mechanically very resistant and stable over time.

You will be able to validate your products, assemblies and perform functional tests. This technique can be an interesting addition to your project.

Do not hesitate to contact our team if you wish to have more information or to carry out your 3D prints.

Imprimantes 3D

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