Electronic engineering

Experts in the design of electronic boards and systems, we ensure the research and development of innovations in order to improve or develop the electronics of your innovative products. And indeed, through the design and realization of electronic systems on printed circuits, the engineering office implements your concrete ideas by working on one or more very precise components.

From the expression of your needs or your specifications, we intervene at all stages of the realization of your electronic system. We can carry out a pre-study and/or study of your electronic boards and embedded systems step by step: drafting of specifications, feasibility study, definition of the architecture, dimensioning of components, realization of electronic diagrams…

electronic engineering
Our design office is fully equipped with powerful tools and machinery, including electronic CAD software for PCB routing, as well as an SMD line and production machinery to manufacture all your electronic boards in-house, whether you need a prototype or mass production, we can help you.
// Electronic engineering

Areas of expertise

Power electronics

Digital / analog electronics

Low power electronics

Robotics / Cobotics (Discover our website DK Innovation - Robotics)

BMS ( Battery Management System ) (Discover our website DK Innovation - Energy)

Human Machine Interface (GUI)

Communication via bus CAN, I2C, SPI, UART

Wireless communication WiFi, Bluetooth, BLE

Conditioning of sensors

Control of DC and brushless motors (BLDC)

// Electronic engineering

The design of your electronic boards

DK Innovation participates in all stages of the electronics design of your system boards

Context and feasibility study

Selection of relevant components

Electronic design


Schema input and routing

Drawing the outline of the map according to the mechanics

Climate testing and lifetime

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