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Climatic tests

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Our climatic chamber allows you to subject your product to tests in positive or negative temperature in order to reveal its possible defects or to determine its lifespan, the quality of its aging. It can be used at all stages of the study to production and quality control.

We can therefore establish a performance report on a product entrusted to DK Innovation or use this technique as part of a global project.

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Lithium battery performance tests

Specialist in embedded energy, in power electronics and more precisely in batteries (Lithium & Lead), we develop and market Lithium ion batteries as well as their ecosystem (Battery Management System…). 

Thus we are equipped with technical means allowing us to test the performance of the batteries and to carry out all the tests necessary to their use.

You can therefore entrust us with your batteries for an in-depth analysis, we will advise you on the actions to be taken when necessary.

Batteries Lithium
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Testing of prototypes and finished products

Testing of electronic boards and mechanical assemblies

Control of components and welds by visual inspection and micro camera

Tests in real conditions

Test benches

Calibration - setup and tuning

Thermal tests with climatic chamber

Service après-vente, maintenance et suivi des produits

Chargeur induction électronique

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