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Electronics, mechanics and embedded software

DK Innovation’ engineering office supports your R&D projects in electronic, mechanical, embedded software and industrial IT. We put our know-how at your service to design and manufacture your electronic boards and systems as well as their embedded software. 

Our team also carries out the UI Design of your software as well as the design and machining of the mechanical assemblies in which your systems will be integrated.

Industrialisation electronic
// engineering office

Design of electronic cards and systems

Experts in electronic engineering, we ensure the research and development of innovations in order to improve or develop the electronics of your innovative products.

Indeed, through the design and the realization of electronic systems on printed circuits, the research department implements your concrete ideas by working on one or several very precise components. 

// engineering office

From design to machining of the assemblies

The printed circuits that make up electronic boards must adapt to the mechanical constraints of the system they equip. Thus, DK Innovation’s design office develops the mechanics of your innovative products while ensuring that the technical and financial constraints of your projects are respected. 

Moreover, our experts accompany you from machining to the integration of your electronic boards and systems in their mechanical assemblies.

Mécanique mechanics
electronic engineering
// SOFTWARE design

Algorithm creation and system programming

A majority of today’s electronic boards contain programmable components, which embody autonomous electronic and computer systems, often in real time, and specialized in a very precise task. Your design office develops and programs the algorithms of your electronic systems.


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