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Start of the AMBROUGERIEN project!

💡 DK Innovation is pleased to start the AMBROUGERIEN project with its partners Hoppen, INSA Rennes – Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Rennes, Pôle Saint Hélier.💡

AMBROUGERIEN for Autonomy, MoBility and Robotic wheelchair: indoor GEolocation and IntelligENte Recharge 🤖
It is also a Breton term meaning “companion” which is particularly appropriate in this context.

The project aims to accompany the independence of people using an electric wheelchair in their daily tasks and activities indoors, the wheelchair may be called to move autonomously.
It will have an innovative and intelligent recharge, a device that DK Innovation will develop. 🔋

DK Innovation is part of a dynamic aimed at developing innovative solutions to help improve the daily lives of users.

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