The MiniLOGGER NMEA DK Innovation allows to record a large number of navigation data:

  • wind force and angle,
  • boat speed
  • heading…

These data can be exploited back on land on a PC through ADRENA software. Thanks to the MiniLOGGER , it will be possible to make statistics and to prepare the races. DK innovation is already present in this sector as an official supplier of the Austrian sailing team.

The MiniLOGGER weighs 90g, consumes 10mA and stores up to 2GB of NMEA data on an SD card.
Two isolated NMEA inputs are automatically configured and allow the acquisition of information from two different sources.
An event input allows to associate changes of sails or boat configuration with the recorded data, as well as the engine input which allows to avoid having distorted polars by forgetting to stop the recording before starting the engine.
The installation of the MiniLOGGER NMEA is very simple and all the necessary elements except a screwdriver are provided: cable, removable double face for the fixing, as well as the SD card 2Go.
To operate, the MiniLOGGER only needs to be powered between 10V and 18V and to be connected to at least one NMEA link.

Leds indicate the operating status of the MiniLOGGER : NMEA reception, active event input, active motor input, recording in progress… .

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