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Lithium batteries LiFePO4

DK Innovation Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries are equipped with a very efficient active management system developed on electric vehicles and proven in ocean racing: Trimaran MACIF, Imoca Bureau Vallée in the 2016/2017 Vendée Globe… The energy density of lithium predestines it for on-board applications where weight is sensitive (130Wh/kg in lithium compared to 35Wh/kg in lead). The charging current is maximum over the whole range, up to 100A for a 100Ah battery (1C), which allows to reduce the wastage when charging from an engine or a generator. The efficiency of the battery is over 90%, its self-discharge is less than 1% per month (compared to 3-20% for lead). The investment is quickly amortized, 2000 cycles at 80% discharge, against less than 300 for lead at 50%.
DK Innovation has developed a whole range of complementary products for on-board energy management (regulators, LCD display, PC interface, etc.)


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