Electronic systems for pipe robots

For a water pipe renovation company, we designed the architecture and on-board systems for the intervention trucks and the inspection and work robots. DK Innovation also provides manufacturing and technical support for these electronic systems. These robots are currently in service in France, the Netherlands, England, Spain, Denmark and the United States.

Travail réalisé
  • Electronic engineering of the complete system architecture (truck and robot)
  • Schematics and routing
  • Development of the software embedded in the robot and on the PC
  • Development of the prototypes
  • Adaptation to the existing mechanics (truck and robot)
  • Production of the electronics
Technologies utilisées
  • Communication via CAN bus on ARM Cortex M3 and M0
  • Control and servo control of DC and BLDC motors
  • LED lighting for headlamps
  • AHRS inclinometer based on accelerometer and 3D gyroscope
  • PC software for supervision and diagnosis

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