WiFi Multiplexer

The DK Innovation WiFi Multiplexer allows you to connect your NMEA instruments to your onboard computer: iPhone, iPad, smartphone, tablet, laptop.

  • 4 isolated NMEA inputs with programmable speed 4800/38400.
  • 4 NMEA outputs with programmable speed 4800/38400.
  • WiFi 802.11 b/g interface in access point mode.
  • Power supply 7-30V, consumption about 40mA.

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The WiFi multiplexer allows you to connect your NMEA instruments to each other and to your on-board computer
in WiFi or USB : iPhone, iPad, smartphone, tablet, PC / Mac computers. 4 opto-isolated NMEA / RS232 inputs enable you to acquire the information of your instruments, 4 outputs make it possible to send the information received to the other instruments. The installation of the WiFi multiplexer is very simple, just connect your NMEA instruments and the power supply on the terminal blocks, a removable double-sided adhesive is provided for fixing. To operate, the WiFi multiplexer only needs to be powered between 7V and 60V and be connected to the instruments. LEDs indicate the operating status of the WiFi Multiplexer: NMEA reception, NMEA broadcast, WiFi connection … To set it up, an iOS and Windows application can be downloaded. The WiFi multiplexer operates in server or client mode.

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